Badriah Hamelink is an artist that specializes in abstract sculpture and spatial projects. The minimal has a central role in her works. It is not an impersonal minimalism, devoid of any meaning, quite the contrary. It is a minimalism that is highly charged with meaning. This seemingly simple style helps Hamelink to convey the essence of a sculpture, without obscuring its meaning with to much detail. In order to achieve this state of simplicity, any volume that is not absolutely vital to the content is removed. This process of elimination denudes the truth that speaks through the form and offers the onlooker a point of view free from background noise.
Hamelinks materials of choice are usually tough and not particularly easy to shape. A great love of hers is the very rock of which our planet is formed; a material that predated mankind with millions of years and still shows signs of its own genesis. This is the material out of which man has made its artifacts since the dawn of human civilization. Such ancient practices fascinate the artist. The undiluted and direct appearance and symbolism that is distinctive to ancient civilizations is also to be found in Hamelinks work, but simultaneously her work is firmly rooted in the here and now, combining ancient techniques with new materials into a visual language of its own.